Simple Blouse #2

Another of this little blouse from Simply Sewn  made up in a very fine cotton lawn, I love the vintage feel of the flowers.


109-022015 wraparound tech

The skirt is from Burdastyle February 2015 Edition. I have changed the patch pockets to side seam pockets for a cleaner finish.


3 thoughts on “Simple Blouse #2

  1. Nice blouse, but you didn’t really mention the skirt! It looks really neat – and I see from the Burda sketches that it is closed with the wrap ties. I like it very much 😃

  2. Very nice results. Blouse has just the right feel when paired with the skirt. You will enjoy this for a spring/summer treat. This would be perfect for a summer work day in San Francisco(I live 40 miles South) where toe sun is brightly shining but it is still cool.

  3. Both are lovely and work well together. I really like the skirt. Great marriage of fabric and pattern, and an excellent neutral for that sweet blouse

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