Welcome All to the Southside Sewing School

As I mentioned previously I have undertaken something of a career change. Behold my new Sewing School set in the Southside of Glasgow, Scotland. I know most of you guys are too far away to call in,  so check out my website http://www.southsidesewingschool.com. I am thrilled with this development given that this was not my initial intention when I left my job earlier on this year. I had intended to teach on a freelance basis with other local schools and privately on a one to one basis. However fitting in the different course times was proving problematic and after discussions with my family it was decided that having my own base would be the best use of my time and energy.


The school is purely for teaching sewing and design and I do not offer anything other than courses as I want to stay focused on the teaching and to be an enabler for students to get together with others to form a support network, in much the same way as when friends and relatives would teach and support each other in days gone by. I am also conscious that until very recently this was a dying art and due to the passions of sewing bloggers and Sewists around the world it has been pulled from behind the wardrobe brushed off and found to be supremely rewarding and an antidote to the insular and fast pace of life today not to mention an alternative to what is on offer today on the High Street.

I am delighted to be in a position share my passion with others and to see the result of their endeavours and progression of their skills.

I will still be posting regularly with Tulle and Tweed however I intend to have a different blog for student work to chart their sewing achievements and to act as an inspiration to others. This will be available through the website link once up and running


10 thoughts on “Welcome All to the Southside Sewing School

  1. Good luck, you’re classes sound fab, I’ve just checked out your website. Great idea to have a shopping trip for the newbies 😀

  2. Congratulations on your exciting new endeavor! If I didn’t live in California I would SO be signing up! Looking forward to seeing what your students create.:)

  3. Fantastic! Well done to you! You are so right we need to be teaching those skills in schools! My daughter has chosen Textiles as a gcse ….180 children in her year and 11 learning how to sew!! Isn’t that shocking!

  4. Judging from all your blog posts your students are very lucky. Hope you post some things they make! So are you moving to wordpress.org/self hosted site or staying put?

    • Jilly, Thank you for the lovely comment. I have set up a Southside Sewing School blog especially for student makes, once I have a few posts I will be letting followers know. I find that new sewists can be particularly creative, so really looking forward to sharing their achievements, it is a wordpress.org site. I will be keeping T&T as my own blog as I have loads of makes in the pipeline.

  5. I so excited, I’ve been looking for a course like this for so long, so thank you, I have enrolled for the 26th, see you soon petra xx

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