Another Burdastyle-ish

Burda 03/2014 # 106



All is not what it seems with this top. I used this fabric as a toile – wearable muslin – as I had a piece of silk I was more interested in using for this pattern and I wanted to perfect it.  It is just as well, as the armholes (the initial pattern is with sleeves) are very gappy and only with some surreptitious darting did it become wearable. That said I quite like it,  the waterfall frill in the front with the rouleaux bow,  is a nice touch, I turned the neckline into a V. I decided that I would use up the remaining fabric and turn it into a simple gathered skirt. I made the skirt without a pattern and drafted some side seam pockets, and then realised I did not have enough fabric so two of the pieces of the pockets are just white lawn, which is not great but ok.


I also added the concealed zip to the pocket at the side instead of the usual centre back, as I think in some skirts its better at the side. The fabric is a very lightweight viscose which doesn’t add much bulk to the waistline as this is the main issue with gathered skirts they can be very bulky in the one area you want to minimise bulk. I left the hem as it was finished on the selvage edge which has a bit of a fringe going on.

I see this twosome as the type of thing you could wear to the beach over your swimsuit. The top is loose enough to put on over your head –  no fastenings and the skirt is just a pull on and off affair and given the fabric is so lightweight if it gets damp or wet it will dry in no time. Yet still decent enough to wear to the pub on the way home! I have to say it looks way better with a little white cardigan over as it dumbs down the rather busy print.

The final finished silk blouse



6 thoughts on “Another Burdastyle-ish

    • Thanks Nancy D, yes its worth the effort – haven’t done sleeves tho with this so not sure how they would be – I would do a practice sleeve as from memory the burdastyle sleeves are a bit hit and miss.

  1. I love the blue one. Perfect for summer. But the tan one is nice too. I love it when a muslin turns out wearable. Rare for me but nice!

    • Thanks Jilly
      Yes sometimes I use fabric I have had around for a while as a muslin, as I am fed up pulling it in and out of my stash so it gets consigned to muslin corner and I am prepared to bin it if need be. So its nice when it turns out wearable.

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