Vouge V8829 re Vamped


Shirtdresses are a part of most women’s wardrobe not least because they can be worn either very casual or more dressy depending on fabric, heavier for winter and lightweight for summer, sleeveless, short-sleeved or long.

I have no idea where this pattern came from – for the life of me I cannot remember and I think it may have remained in the back of my pattern stash and my memory only for seeing a neat little dress in a magazine which made me pull this one to the fore and give it a re think.

The dress in question was a graphic, I assume – cotton, in blue and white with a white collar, sleeveless and it just screamed summer to me. Check out that woe-full pattern match on the bodice tusk, tusk!


I also had a lovely cotton lawn in my stash which I was dying to use but couldn’t find the right pattern for. It’s liberty-esque both in design and colourway and the design of the fabric although not large could nonetheless overwhelm so the right pattern was crucial. The plain collar added a nice contrast and also making it sleeveless would stop it from heading into frump territory.


When it came to the buttons I decided I would double up and make them small – like a shirt and I had these buttons in  my button box. They are vintage and one card was in a pale aqua blue and another in a darker blue. I didn’t have enough in any one colour for them all so I alternated them, as between them they picked out both the colours in the main fabric – All at once justifying the wholesale purchase of vintage buttons whenever I can find them!


The collar I had previously made in a cotton broderie anglaise but on application I felt it was too heavy for the cotton lawn of the main fabric, so I replaced it with a plain off white cotton which I lightly interfaced. I have kept the broderie anglaise collar as I can attach to a couple of round necked jumpers that I have – so all was not lost. I think if I was to do this again I would make the collar slightly smaller other than that I am very happy with this.


I didn’t use any of the recommended sleeve options instead I made some bias binding and bound the armholes. I can see this little dress being a useful addition to my wardrobe, it’s very comfy with a relaxed fit.

If ever I needed reminded of how great it is to handcraft your own garments, this reminds me.  I know I am speaking to the converted but when I think that I paid half the price for the fabric – which is a lovely cotton lawn, and for a few hours of my time (which I enjoy) I know I now have a much superior garment than the shop bought one.  In addition the hemline is where I want it,  and I know no one else will have another like it. It also fits me in a way the shop bought one never could, freeing me from the tyranny that is vanity sizing and the dreaded changing room! Not to mention the ethical and moral question of cheap labour and the cost, not just in monetary terms, of making and shipping these garments in their 1000’s from the other side of the world. It’s really no surprise that the sewing revolution is with us. It’s a no brainer! ….

Happy Sewing!


18 thoughts on “Vouge V8829 re Vamped

  1. I have this pattern and always keep it close to the top of the pile as I wait for the perfect fabric to use for it! Now I want to actively search for some- your version is fabulous! I absolutely love the print. The white collar is perfection with it too! Wonderful make.

  2. Shirt dresses are my all time favorite. My goal is to have one (I’m not kidding) for every day of the week. This looks like a lovely pattern.

    • Thanks Jilly, this is a cotton lawn I picked up in a sale in John Lewis – with it being a cotton lawn, the colours and pattern – it looks for all the world a Liberty print – so of course at a 1/4 of the price I nabbed it!

  3. This pattern is on my list for this summer, I’m so glad to see it made up in such a lovely fabric. Your contrast collar is a nice touch too. Thanks

    • Thanks, yes there is something very satisfying when pattern and fabric come together – I am glad I kept the fabric in my stash for a while until inspiration struck!

    • Absolutely when I see some of the “fast fashion” my daughter buys I just despair, the fabrics are cheap and the finish is very poor, that said given what they (the manufacturers) are being paid, it could be nothing else. I am glad to say clothing manufacturing is coming back to the Uk though as more of a niche industry, still it was all but wiped out a couple of years back.

  4. I totally agree. I love skipping the ‘I like it except for…’ part of wardrobe building by making my own. That collar is a sharp pop of starch on that soft print- I like it!

    • Thanks Anne. Yes, shop bought clothing is always a compromise, unless you are a Kardashian! Even then its not even their own personal style!
      You are a case in point, I love what you make, they are completely unique and completely you.

    • Thanks, I sat for a while scratching my head over the buttons. I hate to buy new when I have a box full of lovely vintage ones, I wanted to use the dark blue ones and was really disappointed when there was not enough so when I went back in to look for others couldn’t believe I had these pale ones – serendipity! With sewing this kind of thing happens all the time, I love it!

      Yes, re te RTW, If you were making this yourself you would re cut the front to match as its too obvious – It would not leave the sewing room!

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