Butterick 5880 Retro


Hello all, I know it has been some considerable time since my last post and although I have been busy with a number of projects – bit of a career change! I have still managed to do some sewing, though not quite to the same extent as previously. I am finally back to a routine which will allow me to sew and upkeep my blog more regularly It’s nice to be back.

Yesterday I was off to a wedding of a niece of mine and as late as last week I still had not a notion as to what I was going to wear. Then as always when panic strikes I headed to my pattern stash for inspiration and remembered this little beauty. I then remembered that I had some shot silk that I bought a few years ago when in Paris that I had been dying to use but couldn’t justify cutting up for less than something exceptional and – this pattern is it.


I did the usual toile/muslin and there were only a couple of alterations needed. First up the shoulder line was a bit too loose and I just narrowed it an inch on each side and re-jigged the darts a bit. I think on hindsight I would make the bodice a size smaller as this one was a bit roomier than I normally go for. That said the dress is so comfortable. I think this was due also to the lovely viscose lining I incorporated which stayed cool during the festivities. The shot silk was a good choice for this pattern as the fabric has a crisp hand which allowed for the pleating to be more sculptured without the need for any interfacing. Also as there is not much in the way of embellishment the shimmery nature of the shot silk lifted it out of the ordinary.  I was very pleased with the way this turned out and it fitted the bill perfectly. Had I had more time I would like to have made a little pill- box hat with a veil to finish things off as is in the end I made do with a large corsage.


A word of caution the hemline is rather narrow and there are no vents, so on occasion there is a bit of hobbling required and getting on the bus at the end of the evening was worthy of a You Tube post.


24 thoughts on “Butterick 5880 Retro

  1. How lovely to see you sewing and posting again! I love your dress – it’s chic and elegant and perfect for a wedding. And I love your shoes.

    • Thanks Tia Dia for the lovely comment. Professor Pincushion at the Butterick pattern website does a great step by step tutorial of the make up of the garment.I meant to mention this in the post. Naturally I found this towards the end of my make after spending quite a bit of time faffing about with the draping! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMqItVe_4bk. definitely worth a watch for anyone thinking of taking this one on – as although billed as “Easy” elements can be a bit tricky.

      Shoes are by Hobbs and surprisingly comfy given their height – bought them in the sale a couple of years ago.

  2. This dress is fabulous, I’d love it for a mother of the bride dress for myself. I’m always finding the ‘how to’ after the fact, so thanks for the info on the tutorial.

  3. Welcome back, I missed your posts but glad you’ve regained some balance in your life and a career change sounds exciting!
    What a come back post it was too. A stunning dress and perfect fabric-pattern match. You look amazing.

    • Ohh I had a look at Theresa Wright – I will take that! thanks. I’m looking forward to sitting down for a couple of hours to look at your posts – I have missed due to work! Joy

  4. Oh, it’s great dress! A lovely pattern, the very best colour, spot on for the occasion and it suits you so well. A have a question though, what kind of fabric is “shot silk”?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Karin, you have caught me up! Shot silk is where the warp thread is a different colour from the weft thread when woven. What happens is that the fabric changes colour on movement, added to the fact that silk is naturally lustrous the effect is a shimmering two tone colour – very pleasing. Its a dupion silk which is medium weight so ideal for evening wear etc as it keeps its shape – Thanks for the lovely comment btw

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